We are a small coffee roaster based in Kineton, South Warwickshire. We have been involved in the coffee industry for nearly 15 years and so decided to start our own business providing the very best coffees to local business and private customers. We believe that every coffee origin is unique and has something to offer the coffee lover.

Our philosophy is to first to understand what coffees you like and how you to drink them (e.g. with or without milk, espresso or cafetiere). We then provide guidance on the best coffees to suit your taste. We are also happy to guide you in exploring the world of coffee flavours. There are no right or wrong answers, just a world of flavours to explore and enjoy!

We are always happy to talk about coffee so please contact us. We can provide tastings and are always pleased to support community events.


Coffee Menu

Please see our online shop for the latest range of coffees. We aim to keep a range of single origin coffees in stock at all times.These are carefully chosen to represent the world of coffee flavours. We also have an espresso blend which is ideally suited to espresso-based milkly coffees such as lattes and cappuccinos.

For the food service sector, we are happy to develop a blend with you which best suits your needs (e.g. filter, cafetiere, espresso), and provide the coffee in your own branded packaging. For this service, we require a minimum order of 3kg.